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Montbrun Roofing is a locally owned and operated company.
We specialize in residential sloped re-roofing projects in the North and East part of the city.
Having 27 years of experience in roofing and construction . We understand how the different elements work together to form an integral system. Ventilation, insulation, vapor barrier and a proper underlay are all components which contribute to the overall longevity of your roof system.

It is more than picking a good shingle.

Are you planning to remain in your current property for more than 5 years? Then it is important to consider more than the shingle you will utilize.
We are a registered Saskatchewan Corporation; fully licensed and insured to conduct business as a Saskatoon Roofing Contractor.
We complete all work in a safe and clean manner. Your property is covered by a Five-million-dollar liability insurance policy when you select Montbrun Roofing Corp. to complete your roofing system.
We also protect you by naming ourselves as the Prime Contractor in the Contract. Many homeowners do not understand the risk they are assuming when they hire another Saskatoon roofing contractor who has not assumed the role of Prime Contractor when working at their home.

If something happens to a worker on the property, you, the Homeowner, can be held legally responsible, since the homeowner assumes the role of Prime Contractor by default unless declared otherwise in the contract.

A very important detail about us and what to expect about our company is not only our professionalism. It is also our strive to educate homeowners about the importance and value of using quality roofing materials . We take pride in the quality of workmanship we provide.
If you have questions, we are happy to share any insight we may have. We look forward to the opportunity to quote and complete your roofing project.
We are your Saskatoon roofing contractor and we care about your property!

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