Custom roofing Saskatoon

Custom Roofing in Saskatoon

custom roofing Saskatoon

Custom roofing has been our speciality since 27 years ago, having been requested to complete quite unusual projects. People demand a very personalized look for their roof, because they understand its importance . Usually, most requests are strictly related to aspect, from texture, shape, colour to material and detail.
At Montbrun Roofing, we have the answer for all your needs. We understand the issues you are faced with every winter, and it is important for you to learn them.

You want your roof as pretty as your house

Beauty starts from the inside, as with everything else. So before you think about the design and the color, you should advice which are the best material choices to protect your roof during the harsh winter.

Whether you want a custom roofing for a specific design and look you want to achieve, you must have a proper understanding of the most common issues we face every winter:

Icicles: while not only damaging your roof, icicles can kill people. You want a safe home, you want your pet and your children protected against unwanted hazards, especially around home. Keeping your gutters clean will prevent icicles from forming. If you are building your home and consider having a custom roof shape – you must consider how it will impact your comfort during the winter.

Your attic is valuable

Two other major problems you have to consider are condensation and insulation . Those are caused mainly by fluctuations in temperature. Ice dams are very dangerous causing structural damage. Condensation causes mold which is not only damaging the structure, but is very unhealthy, causing even death. Ice dams are usually caused by improper insulation, poor ventilation and generally changes in temperature.

However, those issues can be avoided by having your house inspected. A professional can properly identify the problem and find the solution. How? By removing snow, amd by improving the insulation and ventilation. With the first signs of mold, ice dams or icicles, you must understand there is an underlying issue. This must be resolved before they cause greater damage.

Custom roofing is not all about aspect, but about solving those small issues so you can be sure your home is well protected.

Removing snow in the winter is a very dangerous practice, and we recommend having a professional in roof cleaning do it instead.

All roof types face those winter challenges, no matter which roof style you have. Whether you have a hip roof or a bonnet style, mansard or shed, if you decide over a specific colour you must also consider it might fade over time .

During our roofing inspection, we will observe if there are any missing or sloppy tiles or shingles. We will check your vents and gutters. We will inspect your skylights to ensure they are in good condition, and the attic space, which is very important because it shows whether any sun light passes through and if so then means your roof is perforated.

Once we have checked the condition of your roof, we can proceed with how to improve the aspect so you can enjoy a quality roof, personalized and safe for your family. Montbrun roofing specializes in custom roofing in Saskatoon