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At Montbrun Roofing we care about your health:
During this time when our health is at the forefront of our minds and many are spending more time in their homes it is of paramount importance to consider your furnace filter.
Most standard furnace filters only purify the air in your home of dust, lint and some pollens. Many people are aware of HEPA [High-efficiency particulate air] filters, but these do not allow for sufficient airflow through a standard furnace system and can result in damaging your furnace motor.
There are a number of sensible alternatives between the two ends of the spectrum. MERV [Minimum efficiency rating value] is a National rating system for all furnace filters available in the US and Canada. Using an appropriate furnace filter will substantially improve the air quality in your home compared to a standard filter.
We recommend using a MERV 13 filter. It has a comparable 3M MPR rating [micro-particle performance rating] of 1500 – 1900 and comparable FPR 10 [Filter Performance rating]. FPR is the rating used by Home Depot.
We are currently providing MERV 13 Filters in specific sizes for $20 CAD [taxes and delivery incl.] This service is for Saskatoon only.

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