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Montbrun roofing believes your roof is the first and most important line of defense protecting your loved ones, your possessions and you against climactic events which challenge even the most durable of materials. Wind & wind driven rain; hail; freeze thaw cycles; expansion & contraction of materials due to sudden temperature changes are but some of the conditions your roof in Saskatoon and the Saskatchewan region is exposed to.

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Why Choose Montbrun Roofing : roofing company Saskatoon?

Craftsmanship and Experience:
All work is completed by a roofing craftsman with 27 years of experience. Montbrun Roofing has built its reputation through many hard working years.

We only use products which contribute to an overall roofing system which will last for decades. Montbrun Roofing discuss together with our client the options you have for the type of your roof to get the best choice of materials.

A vast selection of materials, all of them locally acquired from reputable sourcing, for everyone’s needs.

On an annualized cost basis, we provide the best value for your roofing investment.

Each repair is unique so we recommend you to contact us and discuss . I always prefer to visit personally and see the type of the roof you have and what materials are best to use so you get the best value and keep the cost affordable.


We don’t work with unprofessional people as must companies do. I am sure to employ only experienced people who have a very good understanding of how to proceed in order to get the job done at the highest standards . All the materials are manually chosen.

While most companies would have you waiting for days to complete your project, with Montbrun roofing you don’t need to worry about that . We are efficient and usually complete a project within a day.

Honest and professional: expert roofing company Saskatoon

Is it expensive to have my roof replaced ?

The cost to having your roof replaced is determined by its size and shape. Our company will measure and analyze the issues and will provide a proper explanation for every customer.

Not every roof is the same, and many times customers demand a custom roofing to give their home a new look. Generally, cost ranges between $$ (for minor problems) to $$$ or even $$$$ ( in the case you require a complete installment). The prices are calculated in roofing squares, but our company will provide the pricing in square feet as well.

Replacing a roof is one of the costliest upgrades a homeowner can make. Contractors in different regions charge different rates for roof replacement.

A complete installation of an asphalt shingle roof can cost as much as 7000CAD. Based on location, roofing companies charge different prices. In Calgary, roofing costs are considerably higher than here in Saskatchewan, while in Saskatoon might be yet quite higher compared to Regina. Just because a roofing company is more reputable or has more employees, does not imply they make a better job. Better known roofing companies usually spend more money on advertising and salaries, so they charge higher for completing a job.

The costs are also relative to the roofing materials being used. While asphalt shingles are lower cost option, they are not very popular nor the best choice for people living here in Saskatoon. Some higher priced roofing materials are wood, metal, tile and slate.

Cedar shingles are quite popular here in Saskatchewan, having a variety of brands to choose from .

What other costs do I have to co sider?

If your roof has suffered of considerable water damage, it might change the project from a simple replacement to a complete reinstallation . Many times such issues are invisible to the eye, and only after removing the shingles we are able to see the condition of your deck and if the insulation system is in proper shape. Water damage can also add to the final costs of a roofing project. Chimneys and skylights increase the cost as well. Skylights only last up to 8 years usually, and must be replaced, cost varying around couple hundred dollars, and the same for the chimneys. Also for having to meticulously arrange the shingles around them, the cost slightly increases.

Can I install a new roof over the old one?

Yes, in some cases a new roof can be installed over an old one , but only if you have asphalt shingles. We don’t recommend this procedure , because when installing a new roof is the best to work up from the deck with a new insulation, making sure everything underneath is properly placed.

Do you do metal roofing?

Yes, we have many customers inquiring our services for their metal roofs. The price is slightly cheaper compared to tiles .